Vote for the Official Hot Dog of the Staten Island Yankees!

There’s no food that represents a great night at the ballpark better than a well-dressed hot dog. That’s why we asked Baby Bomber fans to nominate which ingredients they would like to see on our official hot dog for the 2014 season. And you guys gave us some great responses! From off-the-wall recipes such as gummy bears and chocolate sauce submitted by Robert Myssura, to more traditional flavors such as sharp provolone, grilled onions and spicy mustard submitted by Stephanie Janetzko, there were certainly some interesting contenders in this contest. However, only one hot dog can lay claim to our official hot dog for this summer. We picked the tastiest ones, and now you can vote on which hot dog will reign supreme at the Richmond County Ballpark at St. George this summer! Cast your votes below and stay tuned to find out which creation you can try at a ball game this season.


Marie mcnamara has mastered the art of cooking,!!! She is a native Staten Islander, and a Yankees fan her whole life. Good luck Marie, you deserve it !

That terraki pineapple dog is a good summer dog. .. bacon and cheese? Way to cliche ..been there done that.

teriyaki pineapple on a hot dog????? Sounds more disappointing than a Mets season

Vote for the SARNO dog

ALL of Marie’s food is great

Sounds so delish I’m super hungry!

Send one of Marie’s dogs to Florida pronto!!! Yummy

Aunt Marie is the best cook ever!

How are little kids going to eat a hot dog with jalaprons.

While ALL the entries sound fantastic, nothing brings to mind more wonderful memories than the aroma of slow simmered baked beans on a hotdog, the sound of a bat knocking out a home run and the feelings of innocence past. Good luck to all.

mmmmm. pineapple on hotdog would be good for the kiddies.

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