Inside the SIY Front Office with Michael Katz

ImageWhat is your title and your job responsibilities?

My job title here with the Staten Island Yankees is Director of Entertainment. My unofficial title is office mascot.  My main responsibility is to run the pre, post, and in-game activities at Staten Island Yankees Games as well as performing as the on-field host during games. Basically I serve as the game’s producer.  Along with that I handle the technical aspects of outside events, charitable donations, community mascot appearances, the entertainment side of our school fundraising program, and it’s my job to pump some energy into the office during the work day. 

What do you enjoy most about working for the Staten Island Yankees?

I love working in an environment where my actions can have such a big impact on what happens. In some offices it’s easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond but here I can really make a difference in our product.  I also get to have fun.  There aren’t too many jobs out there where I would get to run around with a pair of giant cows, throw t-shirts, and play with water guns all in one night.  My goal in life is to never be boring and working for the Staten Island Yankees helps me accomplish that.

Who is your favorite Staten Island Yankees player of the past?

My favorite Staten Island Yankees player of the Past would be a tie between Wes Wilson and Evan DeLuca. I don’t think you can find two funnier guys in all of baseball.  They’re always playing pranks and goofing around.  Kind of remind me of my high school friends.  They’re great with fans and always willing to help out.  Also Wes Wilson can speak Spanish flawless Spanish with a Kentucky accent.  That’s impressive!   

Describe the experience fans will encounter at Richmond County Bank Ballpark this summer.

I have no doubt in my mind that this summer will be the best the Staten Island Yankees fans have ever seen.  We have new and exciting on-field promotions and the triumphant return of the most electrifying man in Minor League Sports Entertainment Michael Jesse Elizabeth Katz. I know I’m ready for opening day. Are You?!

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