New York Yankees Fantasy Camp with Helen McCullough

ImageWhat was your first day at Camp like? What did you do?

It was unbelievable…I got to go to the locker room that the New York Yankees use at spring training. Also, they took our team pictures with all the coaches.

If you could describe in one word your experience at Fantasy Camp, what would it be and why?

Overwhelming, I have so many reasons. Seeing your picture on the scoreboard and being announced when you come to bat was awesome.

What NYY legends were there?  Did they do most of the coaching?

Oscar Gamble, Homer Bush, Al Downing, Bucky Dent, Gil Patterson, Mike Torrez, Mickey Rivers, David Wells and Jorge Posada.

Yes, they did all the coaching. Each coach had their own team.

Any other comments, feedback you can give about your experience?

It was more amazing then I had expected. I had so much fun on and off the field with the coaches and teammates. I am going back next year! If you ever had a dream to play baseball with the New York Yankees this was it. I got to live that dream.


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