Inside the SIY Front Office – Tom Phillips

ImageWhat is your title and your job responsibilities? 

Finance Manager- I’m responsible for all of the day-to-day finance and human resource functions for the team, as well as strategic planning, operations, and acting as liaison with our concessionaire.  I have the privilege of working to help develop all aspects of the business, from how we put together our ticket packages, to setting sponsor partnerships and fulfillment levels, helping craft other non-baseball events here at Richmond County Ballpark, formulating strategy on how we go to market and what channels we use to communicate our messages, and numerous other behind the scenes functions.  During the season I work with the seasonal staff and assist in game operations, as well as serve as a mentor to our younger staffers.

What do you enjoy most about working for the Staten Island Yankees?

Two things.  First, the fact that I’m fortunate enough to wake up every morning and know that I’m commuting to a baseball stadium for a living.  Second is being lucky enough to work for a Yankee affiliate, knowing that they are the best in the business, especially being a lifelong fan.

Who is your favorite Staten Island Yankees player of the past?

Francisco Cervelli, he’s tenacious, funny, and a heck of a backstop. 

Describe the experience fans will encounter at Richmond County Bank Ballpark this summer.

For baseball fans, the nice thing about attending our games is that you get access to see the players before they make it big.  Cano, Cervelli, Gardner, Nunes, Phelps, they’re all up in the Bronx now, and getting autographs and face time with them is next to impossible.  At our park, you can see these players before they make it in the big league.  Our crop of players from a few years passed is poised to make contributions on the diamond in 2014, with Mason Williams, Gary Sanchez, and Tyler Austin waiting in the wings now.   For casual fans out here for the simple entertainment value, we provide a fun and exciting event every time.  In-game entertainment, quality concession offerings, private areas for group outings, fan recognition and participation, you name it, we’ve got it.  Oh, and they play baseball here as well.   For the cost of dinner and a movie you can come out and watch the future Yankees play some quality baseball and have a fun night out for the family, that’s our value proposition and it’s a great one.

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